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Attorney Hödl is a specialist attorney for employment law and is at your disposal in all labour/ employment law matters from job advertisement to termination of employment. In order to be able to optimally exercise your rights, fast action is required in labour law disputes. German labour law is characterised by short deadlines and strict formal requirements. In the worst case, violations of form and time limits can lead to a complete loss of rights. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a specialist lawyer for labour law in the event of labour law disputes.

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Specialist lawyer for labour law Munich – active throughout Germany

As a specialist lawyer for labour law, RA Hödl represents your rights out of court as well as nationwide before all courts (labour court, regional labour court and federal labour court). The focus of our advice and representation is on dismissal protection law and other termination constellations.

Legal advice in labour law

In labour law, we specialise in advising employers and executives. We combine expertise in labour law with negotiation skills and tact in order to develop quick, effective and economic solutions. Whether an amicable settlement or the consistent judicial enforcement of your interests is the better solution depends on numerous factors and risks, which have to be analysed in each individual case. A specialist lawyer for labour law is familiar with current case law, knows pitfalls, risks and the “tricks” and strategies of the other side. We attach great importance to quality, diligence and reliability in the support of our clients.
Lawyer Contract drafting Munich

Let a specialist lawyer for labour law advise you on the drafting of employment contracts. When drafting contracts in labour law, numerous decisions of the labour courts must be taken into account in addition to the statutory provisions. Many provisions in employment contracts are open to challenge due to the jurisdiction of the Federal Labour Court. For this reason, e.g. regulations on the fixed term of the employment relationship, post-contractual non-compete clauses, transfer clauses, bonus regulations or preclusion periods should only be made with the support of a specialist lawyer for labour law. Mistakes can result in considerable financial disadvantages.

Mr. Hödl will draw up optimal employment contracts, termination agreements, managing director contracts, IT guidelines, car rental agreements and much more for your company.

Labour law and data protection

The Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) imposes extensive information and documentation obligations on employers. Let us give you professional advice. Attorney Hödl has been active in data protection law for many years and advises numerous companies and public authorities on data protection law. We support you in the information and training of employees and managers, in the preparation of processing directories, data protection and EDP guidelines and generally in compliance with data protection regulations.

Labour law and compliance
Employment Law Specialist Lawyer Munich

Owners of a business or company are required to monitor compliance with the law in their operations. Violation of this duty of supervision is an administrative offence and can be punished with fines of up to one million pursuant to § 130 OWiG. Managing directors and board members may be personally prosecuted for breach of duties “which affect the legal entity or the association of persons”. Pursuant to § 30 OWiG, fines of up to 10 million euros may be imposed. The violation of data protection regulations can also be subject to immense fines. A compliance organization is therefore by no means just a necessity for large companies.

Professional support in labour law

As a specialist lawyer for labour law, Mr. Hödl advises employers and executives in all labour law matters from the initiation to the termination of the employment relationship by notice or termination agreement. We represent you in particular in the following employment law matters:

  • Examination and drafting of employment and service contracts
  • Advice and representation in dismissal protection proceedings
  • Termination agreement, winding-up agreement
  • Holiday compensation, overtime pay
  • Parental leave and allowance
  • employee data protection
  • Design of IT guidelines
  • employee invention law, copyright law
  • Non-compete obligations, customer protection
  • Employment of special groups of workers
  • disability law
  • Wages and salaries
  • company car use
  • Advice on social security law
  • Examination and design of job references
  • Transfer of business, closure of business and insolvency
  • industrial constitution law
  • collective bargaining law

Labour law for employers

Lawyer Labour Law MunichThe German labour law is regulated in a multitude of individual laws. Plans to summarize all relevant regulations in a labor code have so far been without significant results. Already when establishing the employment relationship, an overview of the regulations scattered in special laws is important, such as the non-discriminatory job advertisement (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG), questions on the correct conduct of the interview (Betriebsverfassungsgesetz, AGG), prerequisites for the effective limitation of the term of employment contracts (TzBfG) as well as questions concerning the content of the employment contract (content control according to §§ 305ff. BGB). Early, competent advice and carefully prepared contracts help you to avoid later disputes and costs. Attorney Hödl takes over the review of existing employment contracts and sample employment contracts, the revision of employment contracts or the drafting of new employment contracts, e.g. for company start-ups or restructuring of a company.

Even during the execution of the employment contract, legal questions or problems arise again and again. For example, legal requirements have to be observed in connection with internal reorganisations and disciplinary measures such as the issuing of warnings or transfers. Attorney-at-law Hödl competently assists his clients in this respect right from the start. With regard to legal questions regarding holiday entitlement (BUrlG), pregnancy (MuSchG), parental leave (BEEG), fixed-term employment contracts (TzBfG), employer’s references, collective bargaining agreements and classification, Attorney Hödl advises on all questions relating to remuneration, gratuities, bonus payments, bonuses for employees, etc…

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