Welcome to the homepage of Attorney-at-Law Florian Hödl – Kanzlei HÖDL MORTHA Partners mbB in Munich – your law firm for employment law, IT law and criminal law.

Lawyer Labour Law IT Law Contract Law Munich

Welcome to the homepage of Attorney Florian Hödl, – law firm HÖDL MORTHA Partnerschaft mbB in Munich – your attorney in Munich for employment law, IT law and contract law or general civil law.

Attorney Hödl is a lawyer for civil law matters and specializes in consulting and representation in employment law, IT law and contract law. As lawyers and specialist lawyers, we have the necessary experience, competence and passion to enforce and defend your legal interests. We represent you in judicial and extrajudicial disputes and support you preventively through professional legal advice, contract drafting and contract negotiation.

Through regular professional training, we ensure the high professional quality of our legal advice on an ongoing basis and keep abreast of the latest legislation and case law. You can expect from us competent advice in complex legal disputes and questions, professional expertise, technical understanding and negotiation skills.

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Attorney at Law for Employment Law Munich

In employment law, we advise employers and executives on all questions relating to employment relationships. We represent our clients in out-of-court negotiations as well as in court proceedings before the labour courts, the regional labour courts and the Federal Labour Court.

  • Termination management: advice and representation in the event of termination, termination agreement or liquidation agreement, dismissal or dismissal of managing directors
  • HR-Consulting, External Legal Department
  • Drafting of contracts: Review and drafting of employment and service contracts, executive board and managing director contracts
  • IT policy design, compliance and risk management
  • In-house training on employee data protection, compliance, operational data protection management
  • Advice on social security law, temporary employment (so-called temporary work)
  • Examination and enforcement of non-compete agreements

Lawyer Contract Law Munich

The main focus of our extrajudicial advice is the drafting and review of contracts. We support you in contract negotiations, draw up contracts tailored to your individual needs and, if necessary, represent you in the enforcement of contractual claims.

We draft general terms and conditions (TnC), general purchasing conditions, service contracts, work contracts, licence contracts, project contracts and support you in the legally compliant design of advertising measures, online offers, ordering processes and distribution.

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Lawyer Information Technology Law Munich

Attorney at Law IT Law Munich

In IT law, we support you in court and out-of-court disputes, in the design of online shops, websites and contracts, in the implementation of modern distribution and licensing models and advise you on data protection, competition and copyright law.

Compliance Management Munich

Specialist Attorney Criminal Law

For companies, Attorney Mortha and Attorney Hödl offer advice on compliance, support in case of suspicion of a criminal offence by companies or their executives, violation of the supervisory duty in companies or enterprises (§ 130 OWiG), in criminal tax law and in supervisory proceedings.

Welcome to the homepage of Attorney-at-Law Florian Hödl – Kanzlei HÖDL MORTHA Partners mbB in Munich – your law firm for employment law, IT law and criminal law.

Within the scope of our specialised activity in employment law and IT law, we represent you in legal disputes, support you in the drafting of contracts and advise you in all legal questions.

Through continuing retraining, we ensure the high professional quality of our legal advice on an ongoing basis and keep abreast of the latest case law. You can expect from us competent advice in complex legal disputes and questions, professional expertise, technical understanding and negotiating skills.

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The objectives and visions of our clients determine our actions. Every day, we face the challenge of developing optimal solutions for your concerns and putting them into practice. To this end, we have extensive expertise in the fields of law and taxation, which we are constantly expanding through continuous retraining. We work with you to find solutions tailored to your needs and to achieve your goals through trustful cooperation.

Our range of services includes preventive advice, contract drafting, debt management and representation in extrajudicial and judicial disputes. Even in the most difficult situations, we are a reliable partner at your side.

In addition to the professional requirements placed on lawyers, tax advisors and sworn auditors, we also focus on fee transparency, resilient advice and represent the jointly developed positions in a transparent and always binding manner. Dealing with business partners and opponents requires clear lines and certain actions and negotiations.

It is essential, no matter whether it is about contracts, wills or tax assessments: Dispute should be avoided, and if this fails on the other side, whether out of ignorance, unreasonableness, vulgarity, stubbornness or because one wants to know – then the dispute should be won. In addition to a sharp mind and the perception of our clients’ feelings and interests, this requires a feeling for the other side, if necessary also for the competent court, negotiating skills, a variety of ideas spiced up with a dash of smartness and, if necessary (e.g. in the case of “pathological opponents”), the necessary toughness.
You can expect from us professional and communicative competence, inventiveness and, if hops and malt are not lost, success. There is a reason why clients of the first hour (since 2 January 1963) still place their trust in us today. And we see your trust as an absolute obligation, which we give everything to more than do justice to.


The knowledge acquired helps, but only practical experience leads to the necessary deepened understanding of law, in order to prevent mistakes and surprising negative developments with a sure instinct. In this way, a variety of “specializations” develop out of practical experience, which in their entirety make it possible to see the forest in spite of the many trees. The overview lends the necessary strength to one’s own position.

If we highlight some areas of law and excerpts from them in this context, this does not mean that we are not steamed up in others. If this is not possible, there is no such thing as a limit; the limit is where the effort for familiarization with a subject not yet familiar in detail would be disproportionate. We will then be happy to cooperate with competent colleagues. By the way, the view as an outsider never hurts. It prevents operational blindness and reveals weaknesses that routine employees miss out on.

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Legal representation

We represent you in court disputes before civil courts, criminal courts, labour courts and social courts. As a party to a court case, you are usually free to choose whether you want to be present at the court hearings in person or whether you want to be represented by a lawyer. In a number of proceedings, the involvement of a lawyer is a prerequisite for the proceedings and is therefore mandatory, e.g. in proceedings before the Regional Court, the Regional Labour Court and the Higher Regional Courts.

Drafting and negotiation of contracts

By advising and supporting various companies in the negotiation of contracts, we not only have comprehensive legal knowledge but also many years of experience in contract negotiation and drafting. The law firm Hödl Mortha Partners offers you professional contract drafting that is optimally tailored to the requirements of your business activity and withstands legal scrutiny by the courts. A good contract is the best way to avoid disputes by considering and regulating as many eventualities as possible. We support you in drawing up purchase contracts, contracts for work and services, service contracts, employment contracts, rental contracts, lease agreements, general terms and conditions, articles of association, licence agreements and much more.

Legal advice

Court disputes are often the result of inadequate legal advice. Many disputes can be avoided by providing information and advice at an early stage. RA Hödl will be happy to advise you on all legal issues. In an initial consultation your concern can be examined and the chances of success of a further procedure can be discussed with you. The initial consultation serves to determine all information relevant for further processing and enables an initial assessment of the legal situation.
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Areas of Focus

Our practice focuses on the legal areas of employment law, IT law and contract law.

IT law:

One of the main areas of our practice is IT law (Internet law and information technology law). We draft contracts tailored to your needs in national and international business transactions and support you in the enforcement of justified and defence against unfounded claims. In addition, we advise you competently on data protection law and other legal requirements for apps, websites, online shops and modern distribution models.

Employment law:

In the field of employment law, we offer representation in proceedings before the labour courts, in particular in dismissal protection proceedings, in witness disputes, secondments and transfers, warnings, drafting and review of employment contracts and advises employers and employees in all matters relating to the employment relationship, from the initiation to the termination of the employment relationship.

The complex subject of social security law is closely linked to employment law. We will be pleased to provide you with our profound specialist knowledge and our many years of experience in social law disputes. You can rely on our expertise in social security law. We represent you in tax audits and other disputes with statutory health, nursing, accident, pension and unemployment insurance.

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